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Why are they called muffin shells? Because they are white at the bottom and a toasted brown on top! The shell is unpolished (so matt rather than gloss), thick and durable and the shades of brown vary from pale to deep. These are often used as homes for hermit crabs! 


Native to the Philippines, this species is their largest land snail. The meat of these snails (in Filipino called bayuku) is considered a delicacy in Philippines. The empty shells are used as salt containers, ashtrays and drinking vessels.


These typically measure around 7cm long and 5cm wide. Colours and sizes will vary; these are natural shells and the photograph is of a typical example, not the shell you will receive. If you have any particular requests in terms of colour or size, please pop them in the notes - we’ll do our best to find the shell that comes closest to what you want!

Muffin land snail shell