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Margate Caves Re-open

Today's the day that we finally welcome back our old friend up the hill - the Caves are re-opening!

The Grotto has long been involved with the Campaign to save the Caves from being infilled and covered with housing (which was the plan back in 2010). Grotto owner Sarah Vickery called a public meeting in the Grotto café 9 years ago to form the Friends of Margate Caves and work towards re-opening them. The Friends team worked voluntarily putting together business plans, funding bids and budgets and eventually turned into the Margate Caves Community Education Trust, with Sarah as chair.

Today the Caves re-open as a registered charity, with a modern, rather beautiful, visitor centre and community rooms for meetings, events and education activities. It's been a lot of work from a small but dedicated group of people, but the results are so much better than we could have dreamt of all those years ago.

Welcome back old friend!



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