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Friends of the Shell Grotto Formed

This summer finally saw the formation of a Friends group for the Grotto. This independent trust is run by a team of committed volunteers who are working closely with us here at the Grotto. Their aims are:

  • to promote, conserve and preserve the Shell Grotto as a unique historical monument

  • to advance education by raising awareness of the historical value of the site

  • to acquire, display, research and document historical artefacts and memorabilia

  • to research and document the origins and subsequent uses of the Grotto.

Membership starts at just £10 a year and provides loads of benefits:

  • free unlimited entry to the Grotto

  • invitations to Friends’ events such as tours, talks and performances

  • twice-yearly copies of the Friends’ Newsletter

  • opportunities to volunteer at the Grotto

  • deals and discounts at various museums, theatres and shops.

Everyone who joins the Friends will be making a valuable contribution to the future of the Grotto.

Here's Sonia and James from Theatre of the Small at a Friends' event.



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