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A Whisperphonical Revelation!

Visitors often tell us little snippets of information, gleaned on previous visits sometimes decades ago.

A frequent story featured the Whispering Shell, which we guessed indicated that part of the Grotto acted as a Whispering Gallery. We experimented, but we couldn’t pinpoint the spot, so were left hoping that one day a visitor would tell us where it is.

So there was a great deal of excitement in the building when visitor Dave Bethell casually mentioned that he had, briefly and aged only 14, acted as a tour guide at the Grotto. Might he know where the Whispering Shell is? Well, of course he does!

That’s him demonstrating below and, much to our amazement, it works! Here’s the point where you whisper, and the point where your audience should cock their ears.

Thank you Dave!



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