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Mr Crab is enough is make you want to dance sideways on the sand - barefoot naturally! Made by Materia Rica from laser-cut, hand-painted English walnut, Mr Crab epitomises the quirky designs Marta and Joan are so good at. And he's one of our best sellers as a result.


The pendant measures approx. 32mm by 47mm and the chain length is 46cm.


These come from Materia Rica's Seaside range, marine love tokens inspired by white sails on the horizon and tiptoeing in the salty water. We met these guys at a gift fair in London and immediately fell in love with their jewellery. It's lightweight and easy to wear, cleverly designed and really distinctive.


Walnut wood is sourced responsibly in the UK using only FSC approved suppliers. All fixings are produced in the Balearic Islands, are gold-plated brass, nickel-free and anti-allergenic. Packaging is 100% recyclable.


Photos courtesy of Materia Rica.

Mr Crab Necklace

  • Materia Rica are Marta and Joan, who first met in East London where Marta was an artist and Joan ran a laser cutting company. Together they began to transform Marta's illustrations into small works of art to wear, which Marta sold at markets in London.

    In 2014 Marta and Joan set sail for the Mediterranean and founded the Materia Rica brand… so the ideas born in Shoreditch are now realised in Barcelona.

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