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Relaxed Openings are Back!

We're happy to get back to hosting our Relaxed Openings after the enforced break. On Saturday 2nd October we will be open for an extra hour from 5pm to 6pm, with reduced noise to help create a calmer atmosphere.

Spaces must be pre-booked - please email us at

What's relaxed opening? It's a time for those who have autism or additional sensory requirements to enjoy the Grotto in a relaxed environment. We further reduce capacity and turn off noisy things like the hand dryer.

Our neighbours up the hill, the Margate Caves, are holding a similar event so you could visit us both - perhaps you know someone who would like a slightly less overwhelming underground adventure?

Our sensory map and social story are available to aid accessibility all year round too, as is our Access Statement. If you have a question we haven't answered in our Accessibility area please do ask!



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